BizFilings Review

bizfilings review


With all the alternative options on the market, it is hard to believe that online LLC formation services have been around since 1996. Well, in the case of BizFilings, it is. 

Although founded by Wolters Kluwer many years ago, many still trust the LLC services BizFilings offer. And it is easy to understand why. They have the experience and a success rate to match. 

As a new business owner, filing your registration documents with the state should be as simple as deciding who to use to assist you during the process. The middleman business model is familiar, but finding the perfect formation service partner will simplify your start-up process and growth trajectory. 

But how do you judge an online LLC formation service? Is experience or pricing more critical? Will it be a time-consuming task or not? What should you know before choosing a registered agent? 

LLC or corporation filing has different rules and regulations per state in the US, making it more daunting than usual. This is where this BizFilings review comes in. This article aims to discover if BizFilings suits your LLC needs. We aim to highlight their offering and prices to help you make an informed decision.

Who Is BizFilings? 

BizFilings is an online company that offers a formation service to help businesses form an LLC, corporation, limited partnership, or nonprofit. It is an easy-to-use online portal that follows a five-step process. 

All inline LLC formation services offer different things at various price points, so make sure the service provider covers what you need. This is important as you might sign up for a service that surprises you with additional costs down the line. BizFilings’ offers include:

  • Registering your LLC or corporation
  • Filing annual report service
  • Assisting with paying necessary filing fees
  • Paying franchise taxes
  • Adopting bylaws for corporations, operating agreements, and partnership agreements for LLCs

This is what you usually expect from LLC formation packages, but with BizFilings, they care about the sustainable growth of a new business entity. Therefore, beyond the initial formation, they also provide other services to help grow and manage a business.

More Than LLC Formation Services

Sometimes what you want for LLC formation is the extra effort, and with BizFilings, you can expect precisely that. Yes, BizFilings’ resources help you choose the business structure to match your company’s, but they also offer various services that will inform your business growth. They are:

  • Registered agent service
  • Managed annual report service
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) attainment
  • Business conversion, amendments, or reinstatements
  • Attainment of certified documents
  • And more

Considering all the additional services on the table with BizFilings, it is clear that you will be onboarding a business partner if you opt for their assistance. A great plus for a small business. 

BizFilings Pros and Cons for a Limited Liability Company

business formation

Highlighting the pros and cons of an LLC formation service brings you one step closer to knowing who is suitable for you. 

BizFilings Pros

Can handle state specifics. 

Some states in the US require additional steps with LLC formation, and BizFilings, with its years of experience, can handle state-level compliance items. They know how to assist with an initial report or a public requirement, and surprisingly enough, it is an aspect that not many online formation packages include. 

Six months of free registered agent service.

BizFilings has three different packages, and no matter which packages you opt for, you will get free registered agent services for the first six months. With BetteLegal and ZoomLegal, you will be charged an extra cost per annum. This is a significant plus as some competitors do not offer a free option. 

A business entity that offers resources. 

Knowledge is power, and with BizFilings and their years of experience, they have a solid understanding of the business formation process, other topics, and similar services. It is the business owner’s toolkit that you need. 

Regardless of the LLC formation package, or whether you are a client or not, BizFilings still offer you the chance to search for your business name and availability. 

BizFilings pricing is transparent. 

From their standard to complete package, BizFilings’ prices are transparent, and there are no hidden fees. 

LLC service for business entities for life. 

Listed as the best LLC service by many clients, BizFilings will become a lifelong business partner. Yes, they will assist you with your very first steps as a small business, but they will also be by your side while you grow. They offer various packages to manage your business needs along the way. 

BizFillings’ customer support is top-notch. 

As a BizFilings customer, you can enjoy the service of an extensive team and LLC specialist to assist and answer questions when need be. 

BizFilings Cons

The only real con (that perhaps is not even a con) is the state filing fees that get charged differently and the packages’ overall costs. That’s it. The rest makes sense. BizFilings outline their offering from their standard package to their complete package, their prices are transparent, and they give you added benefits. 

So, although we see these cons as a minor issue, we decided to list them nonetheless. 

  • For everything your business type may need, the price might be higher than competitors, especially for a small business. 
  • You are responsible for the state fees above and beyond the package cost.
  • No access to legal advice. 

And even at a push, these reasons are not that significant to make you not choose BizFilings for your formation and business filing services. 

BizFilings’ Packages 

Like many LLC service providers, BizFilings offers their clients one of three packages. These packages are tiered from essential to standard to the complete package. Naturally, their prices differ, but they advise which packages suit your business needs. 

The Basic Package

The basic package is $99 plus state fees and includes the essential needs for business registration. You will receive: 

  • Basic business formation features
  • Business name check verification
  • Preparation and filing of all required documents
  • BizComply service for 24/7 business monitoring
  • Six months of free registered agent services

BizFilings specifies that this package is best for small businesses that want to file for LLC formation in the most cost-effective manner. 

The Standard Package

The standard package is charged at $229 plus state filing fees but gives you more added features overall. When opting for a more long-term solution with the standard package, you will get:

  • All the features of the basic package
  • Sample operating agreements and other LLC forms
  • LLC kit and seal
  • Expedited processing service
  • Six months free registered agent services 

Starting a business and filing your legal paperwork is only the beginning of your journey. And therefore, this package will assist in keeping your legal forms compliant with state and federal requirements. 

The Complete Package

In this article, we have repeatedly mentioned the value of finding the right LLC partner, and if BizFilings is the one for you, it might be a good idea to consider their complete package. From $359 to $434 plus state fees, you will receive full treatment to assist your company in its growth years. These features include:

  • All the features of the standard package
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) 
  • Compliance DVD
  • Six months of registered agent services for free
  • Certified copies of state-filed documents 
  • State tax ID number if required
  • Expedited processing
  • Overnight shipping

For timeous services, the complete package is perfect. The whole package is best suited to a business that requires fast processing and extra-legal services. 

Choosing the Right Package

Speak to your business lawyer to guide you in what is necessary for you to obtain your business license. Although, in the beginning, the basic package might be enough – it is better to know where you are headed – even with business formation services. For instance, you may want to add a customizable operating agreement or articles of organization. These are all facts that your business lawyer or advisor will highlight. 

Price Versus Experience

Buy cheap, pay later – is a valuable lesson to keep in mind when weighing your LLC service options by price. Yes, there are other more affordable options on the market, and in some cases, all you need. But if you merit experienced-based practices, BizFilings will rank at the top. 

BizFilings have been in the industry since 1996, and since then, they have maintained their ratings and favorable customer reviews. And what’s more, they offer a service that extends beyond your registration needs. 

So, if you just want to file with the state – go for a cheaper alternative like ZenBusiness or BetterLegal, amongst others. 

The BizFilings Review Summary

best llc services

BizFilings is one of the business formation companies that have the least cons. They offer each business a wide variety of options with added extras to customize what you require from legal services—a significant win in the category. 

Like other business formation companies, BizFilings is not a law firm and can only assist in forming an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit to file for a DBA. But with their vast knowledge on the subject, their client resources are some of the best in the business. So whether you need to know more about a business license application package or payroll tax registration, know that BizFilings is there, ready to assist you with their team of experts.

A growing start-up needs the right partner, and BizFilings can be that for your new business venture. They are hands-on, transparent, and care about the sustainable management of your future. Yes, perhaps at a higher price, but you will receive value for your money – there is no doubt about that. 

The BizFilings’ website has all the information you need, but their customer support team is readily available if in doubt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What and Who is BizFilings? 

BizFilings is an online formation service that helps entrepreneurs register their LLC, corporation, nonprofit, or file for a DBA. Not only do they offer an online dashboard that guides any small business via a step system to register their company with the state, but they also provide additional services that make them one of the best LLC services around. 

Is BizFilings a Trusted Site to Use for LLC Formation and Starting a Business? 

Yes, BizFilings, with more than 20 years in the business formation sector, has a strong reputation, reliable online solutions, and resources available at three different price points, including added extras. What’s more, they offer an easy-to-use dashboard that guides you through a handful of steps to file your business documents and monitor your filing and compliance requirements. 

How Do I Unsubscribe From BizFilings?

If you no longer require BizFilings services and want to unsubscribe, you have to contact the team via their support center. They have an entire group of LLC professionals and experts to assist. You can get a hold of them by calling 800-98103734. 

Who Started BizFilings? 

It is always good to know that the service you buy into has a good reputation and relevant business knowledge. BizFilings was founded by Brian Wiegand and Rick Oster in 1996, but the company is currently a part of CT and Wolters Kluwer, who are among the oldest and most experienced in the LLC industry. 

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